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Complaint and Dispute Resolution Process

Our firm wishes to take care of any dissatisfaction communicated in order to satisfy its customers while respecting the legal framework to which our firm is subjected.

If you are dissatisfied with a service received from us, here are the steps to follow to inform us of the situation.

Step 1 – Communicate with your broker

Your broker is the person who best knows your file and your needs. The first step is to communicate your dissatisfaction with him/her so that he/she is aware of the situation and can try to resolve your dissatisfaction with you.

Step 2 – Communicate with management

If you are not satisfied with the results after having communicated with your broker, contact a member of management to have your situation listened to.

Step 3 – Communicate with Complaints Manager

If your efforts with your broker and management have not resulted in satisfaction, please forward the reason(s) for your dissatisfaction to our Complaints Manager.

*To be admissible, a complaint must be made IN WRITING by the complainant.
*A complaint is an expression of at least ONE of the following three elements:
• a reproach against our firm;
• the identification of potential or actual prejudice that a consumer has suffered or may suffer;
• claiming corrective action.

How to make a complaint?

Please send the complaint form, including the necessary information, to our complaints manager in writing at the following address or by e-mail:

Assuraction Transport Expert
6300, Avenue Auteuil, suite 420
Brossard, Quebec, J4Z 3P2
450 672-4646

Please use the following form: COMPLAINT FORM (

The Complaints Manager will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 5 business days. In the case of an incomplete complaint, a notice will be sent to you with a request for additional information to which you must respond within 5 business days, failing which the complaint will be deemed to have been abandoned.

The person in charge will then examine the complaint received and a response will be sent to you in writing no later than 30 days following receipt of all the information required for its examination.

Step 4 – Transfer of the complaint to the Autorité des marchés financiers

If you are still not satisfied after receiving the final response from our complaints officer, you may request that your file be transferred to the Autorité des marchés financiers for review.



418 525-0337


514 395-0337

Toll-free number:

1 877 525-0337


418 525-9512 or 514 873 3090



418 525-0337


514 395-0337

Toll-free number

1 877 525-0337


418 525-9512
514 873 3090