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The goal of our loss prevention consultant is to help our client respect the rules and regulations of the transport industry as the fines for not respecting these could become costly.

Several loss prevention services are offered such as:

- Verify driver and vehicle records to make sure they comply with the rules and regulations and make recommendations if necessary.

- Verify with the client the control systems that are in place for drivers and make recommendations if necessary.

- Verify that the standard of practice for hiring and integrating new drivers is followed (Inform the customer of the tools that exist to make good choices).

- Verify the company policies and procedures and make recommendations if necessary.

- Analyze the company's PEVL and SMS and offer possible solutions to improve them if applicable. (Help the client become familiar with the tools that are available).

- Inform the client of the various regulations that are in place so that they can meet their obligations.

- Provide answers to client questions related to loss prevention and compliance.

- Help the client prepare for a possible inspection from an insurer, the SAAQ, or the US DOT.

- Assist the client during the insurers inspection.

- Verify the client's loss control program that is in place and make recommendations if necessary.

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